We went to Hofbrauhaus when we were in Munich and loved it. I am pretty sure Melissa had her first beer here, but possibly it was at the Munich Beer Garden. The site chosen for its construction was the former Ducal hen house at the Old court (nowadays the site of the Sparkassenstraße). JF Kennedy was there in his young days. It’s a fun evening at the Hofbrauhaus! It’s pretty prestigious! Regal Products Co. / Good Only / At ... Alexandria, Virginia Small beer tip tray. The Hofbräuhaus is probably the most famous pub in the world. Hope you all had joyous Holidays! Knuckle of pork or roast pork with dumplings or potato salad are among the popular dishes at the Hofbräuhaus. The Hofbräuhaus has been a draw for tourists for hundreds of years. Behind this door in the Munich Hofbräuhaus, the beer mugs of long-time regulars are kept. On 13th April 1919 the Hofbräuhaus even became the centre of a revolution when the leaders of the Workers’ and Soldiers’ Council proclaimed the formation of a new Communist Soviet Republic here. The Hofbrauhaus is Not Just for Tourists. The commercially-minded Duke Maximilian therefore decided to simply buy-in the necessary expertise to make beer of this quality. This is fascinating! Munich had already become a popular destination for day trips and holidays in the 19th Century. He said it was to meet people from all over the world. Rhonda, Sounds like something to look forward to next time…and I’ll go with you! Has a pictorial mug of foaming beer on the back. And a mason earned about 3 Marks 50 per day. For example, regulars pay with Hofbräuhaus beer tokens … Join them on their adventure! Hofbrauhaus of America Import 2560 Anthem Village Drive • Suite 140 • Henderson, NV 89052 Even the chairs feature the trademark of the Staatliches Hofbräuhaus: the initials "HB" and the crown. The Bavarian Evening is held regularly in the banqueting hall, where guests are entertained with typical Bavarian pub music and Bavarian customs. Probably the most fun was the time when we went for lunch and ate with a German astronaut who had trained at NASA. Only having lived in Munich for the last seven years, he started visiting the Hofbräuhaus at least once a week right from the very start. It is said that in the 17th Century, sales of beer and the taxes on it brought in between 30 and 50 percent of the state of Bavaria’s income. • Josephine Baker – American Dancer 120 different groups for regulars currently meet at the Hofbräuhaus. Their song “Skandal im Sperrbezirk” begins with the words: “In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus – doch Freudenhäuser müssen raus.” – In Munich there stands a Hofbräuhaus – but the whorehouses have to go!”. This imported beer was expensive and the rulers of Bavaria were always thirsty. Many of the customs are old Bavarian customs, and even though there are plenty of tourists that go and do fine, you can have a much richer experience if you know how to do a few things. A large part of these are the regulars. Between centuries of tradition and state-of-the-art brewing techniques, from the Oktoberfest to Las Vegas – our beers are not only enjoyed in Munich, but all over the world. OANS! Official guide Rudi Muschler knows a great deal about the secrets of the popular drink. At that time “Ainpöckisch Bier” from the Hanseatic town of Einbeck in Lower Saxony was the yardstick by which all beers were measured and it was even drunk in Italy. You don't need to purchase beer tokens. They loved walking around with those giant pretzels. The ideal gift! In this he threatened to strip the Jews of all their civic rights and to set up a dictatorship. It was not until 1798 that the ruling Wittelsbach family renounced its exclusive rights to white beer and in 1810 they also renounced their exclusive rights to the stout. Since there is such an interest in the beer,  the management has always catered to regulars. In the 17th Century, sales of beer and the taxes on it brought in between 30 and 50 percent of the state of Bavaria’s income. First of all the brewing equipment was moved to the new Hofbräukeller building in the Innere Wiener Strasse. The murals date from the time of the renovation of the Hofbräuhaus in the 1950s. • Vladimir Lenin By no later than the third glass of beer, people will be joking that beer tokens are a better way to invest money in the bank because they give you a better return on your money. 13 years later these plans became a sad reality. I am not a beer drinker, but my husband is and I’ll share your article with him. The spirit of Bavaria has made its mark across the U.S. We proudly serve authentic German brews, food and offer live entertainment in multiple unique locations, ranging from large restaurants … I was stationed in Germany from 88 to 91 and visited Munich 3 times. Both give the visitors a chance to clink their beers with the person sitting next to them and have a toast. 5.  Who Else Has Visited the Hofbräuhaus? And then yell! At the Hofbräuhaus, beer is traditionally served in one-litre mugs. The song “In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus” – In Munich there stands a Hofbräuhaus – was composed in 1935 by Wilhelm Gabriel, who was known by his nickname of “Wiga.” According to legend, the melody came to Gabriel while he was sitting in the Café at the Zoo in Berlin. Many, many Bavarians own their own and proudly wear it for any number of occasions. In the local Munich dialect “Ainpöckisch Bier” soon became “Bockbier” – which is better known today as “strong beer” or stout. He quickly wrote down the musical notation of the tune on a magazine he was reading. It’s no secret that Müncheners love their beer, and if … No problem. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Although most of the regulars are attached to a group, some are not and just come for the fun. Interesting things to know, Corinne. The first performance of the Hofbräuhaus song was at the sausage market in Dürkheim and amidst all the revels of the Fastnacht carnival it soon became a hit. Generally very fine. With its 700 seats, the ballroom in the Hofbräiuhaus offers plenty of space for large events and celebrations. This place is dream. Bavaria’s rulers made great use of the brewery’s monopoly position to earn money. Some places you can spot Aloisius are the he Hofbräu beer tent at the Oktoberfest or on the deckels and coloring books at the Hofbräuhaus, so keep your eyes open and say a “prosit” to him while you are there. I actually don’t drink alcohol but like you say, you can still enjoy this place a lot and we also sat down on a large group table though we were perhaps a little too shy to strike up a conversation which I’ll definitely try and do next time. Outside of Oktoberfest season, it is probably the number one destination for tourists from all around the world. The building of the new Hofbräuhaus cost 819,000 Gold Marks. Or did you? They will collect their tankard from a locker, order a maß (mass or beer-1 liter) which he will then pay for with a special Biermarke or token. In 1607 it moved to the Platzl where it still stands today. So on 27th September 1589 Duke Wilhelm V commissioned the construction of a brewery. People have been going to the Hofbräuhaus for over 400 years since it first opened its doors in 1897. It is a lot of fun! Still, we have found seven things you may not have known. One very important tradition that you should be ready for is singing. Beer tokens are always exchanged for a Maß (a carefully measured specific quantity of beer). These tokens are issued by the brewery. A Special Hofbräuhaus Angel. You can buy the traditional felt hat and pins right there in the Hofbräuhaus, but as you walk around Munich you can also buy all kinds of traditional Bavarian clothes. It was my 4th visit to the city. Corinne and Jim Vail have traveled the world together for more than 35 years. Beers, ratings, reviews, styles and another beer geek info. Many of the regulars not only have their own personal beer tankard, which they keep in the tankard sage in the tavern; many of them also pay with their own form of currency – the beer token. I have been three times, once back in high school (I was an exchange student in Germany) and then again when I toured right after uni and then we took the girls in 2012 as we went around the world. All tips and offers can be found here! The beer token system is also widely used by other Munich breweries. I like that you can ask someone (and even in German) about the free seat. There are about 100 active regulars' tables at the Hofbräuhaus. It was here that the self-styled lifestyle consultant Niki Gerstmeier used to hold consultations in which he gave advice to people in all walks of life – in return for a light meal or beer. City: Alexandria State: Virginia … Down-to-earth and delicious: the menu at Hofbräuhaus pays homage to typical Bavarian cuisine. However, like my friend Stephan, he was able to start renting his locker after being on the waiting list for just one year. Mary, I think the angel story is just cute, don’t you? The Hofbräuhaus soon had to be extended to cope with the growing demand for beer. The beer may well have been popular but it was not exactly good. Generations of visitors have had a good time together at this table in the Hofbräuhaus. • John F. Kennedy You can do this in English, but you can also ask like this? http://whywasteannualleave.com/2014/03/15/munich-beer-house-hofbrauhaus-germany/. News and information about the touristic options in Munich. Many of the regulars pay with their own form of currency – the beer token. Don't … G’SUFFA! Ein Prosit, ein Prosit Each time we visit, we meet interesting locals, and this last time we met Stephan who works in the city archives. Hofbräuhaus said it has sent Sweeney a new stein, which "she can keep with a clear conscience," as well as three beer tokens she can use on her next trip to the brewery. When the weather is fine up to 35,000 people may visit the Hofbräuhaus am Platzl each day. • Thomas Wolfe – American Writer When he met his demise from working too hard, he went up to Heaven where he found that no beer existed. The Hofbräuhaus song is actually quite long, but you will only notice the chorus. Then on 2nd September 1896 the old building on the Platzl was knocked down and the new one was opened there on 22nd September 1897. There is even a list of them on the Hofbräuhaus website. Regulars as well as guests from all over the world meet at the Munich Hofbräuhaus. For a fun souvenir—or just an excuse to return to Hofbrauhaus in the future—pick up some beer tokens before you leave. Imported beer was expensive and the rulers of Bavaria were always thirsty. On the walls of the banqueting hall on the second floor of the Hofbräuhaus, flags refer to the domains that once belonged to Bavaria. Portner's Hofbrau, Alexandria, Virginia Small beer tip tray. Beer-lovers from all over the world come here to enjoy its famous beers. Anyone who thought anything of themselves drank wine – or beer from Northern Germany. The City of Munich is also affected by the nationwide tightened measures to contain the coronavirus. Here was my version of it from a year or so ago The beer may well have been popular but it was not exactly good. If they serve some sausages with that beer, I’ll have those. All important information about the coronavirus and your stay in Munich can be found here. interview about the history of Munich's beer. You can’t always eat at the Hofbrauhaus, there’s some other great places around it to try as well. There are decorative frescoes on the end walls of the ballroom in the Hofbräuhaus. Traditional Bavarian brass music is played daily at the Hofbräuhaus. It is a German custom to ask if the empty spots at the table are taken. The history, the beer, the food, the music, the most renowned German Beer Hall probably in the entire country of Germany is The Hofbrauhaus. The Hofbräuhaus’ heart is the ‘Schwemme’ – the taphall – where 150 local groups with more than 3,500 members regularly meet, cherishing the establishment’s long traditions. So even if you can’t get to Munich, maybe you can make it to one of these other taprooms. The Schwemme (beer hall) of the Hofbräuhaus Munich before the big rush of beer fans from all over the world. Catherine, I don’t know. Also interesting: Munich is the beer city of the world. More than any other, Hofbräu … Your email address will not be published. There is absolutely no doubt that at whatever time you enter the Hofbräuhaus, you will find tourists. Lots of them. I went to the Hofbrauhaus and had a delicious meal there and got to dance with locals at the Tanzboden! A recent tradition at the regulars' table, for instance, is to pay for your beer not with money but with beer tokens – just like the old days when the duke ran the place. The Hofbräuhaus in Munich is open 365 days a year from 9 am to midnight. Hofbrauhaus keg tapping, HiHO 3rd anniversary, more - beer calendar Updated Dec 30, 2019; Posted Dec 30, 2019 Hofbrauhaus' monthly keg tapping, HiHO Brewing's third anniversary and … The new brew which he produced was very popular with the customers. Nowadays beer is no longer brewed in the Hofbräukeller: In 1988 the brewery was moved into a modern and bigger plant in Riem. Redwood City and our San Leandro location are limited to take-out until further notice. Interesting. It was intended to supply the Ducal Court with beer and thus reduce state expenditure on beer. The Big 5 Bavarian Christmas Markets - A One Week Itinerary - Reflections Enroute, http://whywasteannualleave.com/2014/03/15/munich-beer-house-hofbrauhaus-germany/, What to Do in Thessaloniki [A Memorable One Day Itinerary], The Powerful Turkish Evil Eye and Other Souvenirs From Turkey, Easter in Germany and the Amazing Franconian Easter Fountains, 15+ Best Day Trips from Grafenwoehr and Vilseck, Top 10 Unusual and Cool Things You Can Do Only in Germany. What a small world on the guy who trained at NASA . If you are visiting Germany, and even if you are not a beer drinker, you need to go to the Hofbräuhaus Munich. We landed in Munich on June 8th 2018 for a 2 week vacation and can’t wait to return, Munich is beautiful!!! They are valid only in the Hofbräuhaus and associated taverns. Their travel philosophy focuses on the journey as part of the adventure while keeping the budget low and the experience quality high. The beer hall can seat 1300 people, and there are people there from all over the world. A Biermarke, or token, can be bought for a small discount per beer or you can buy ten tokens and get the eleventh beer free. The brewery soon became known as the Brown Hofbräuhaus because the popular top-fermented beer brewed there was known at that time as “brown beer” – dark beer or stout. Locations. The song goes like this: These 30 mm(1-3/16 inch) die-struck brass tokens were issued by Hofbräuhaus Coburg and were redeemable for a half liter of their beer wherever it was sold. The lively goings on at the tavern attracted many famous visitors to it, including Lenin. “Ist hier frei?” In this way, you can not only secure a spot, but you will get to know the other people at your table. There are in fact two “Hofbräuhauses” in Munich: there is the parent company in the city centre and the Hofbräukeller in Haidhausen. Here are some famous people who’ve visited the Hofbräuhaus: • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart There are over 400 tankard lockers located around the main area of the beer hall, some of which have been handed down from generation to generation. Modern Bavarian Restaurant – The Pfistermühle. Great to know about the special angel! I spent my 50th birthday in Munich. Guided tours, guest cards and more... Munichs official visitor cards at a glance. Munich is a great place to visit, there are many instagrammable places in Munich, lots of great neighborhoods, Christmas markets, restaurants, and so much more. Never mind things I do not know about the Hofbrauhaus, I did not even know what the Hofbrauhaus is before reading! I have met so many people by just plopping down in free seat and starting up some jovial conversation. Yes, the most famous song about the Hofbräuhaus was written by a man from Berlin. By no later than the third glass of beer, people will be joking that beer tokens are a better way to invest money in the bank because they give you a better return on your money. First of all, even though there are 1300 seats, you will walk in and the hall will seem completely packed. Hong Kong has their very own Hofbräuhaus, as do five American cities: Newport (Kentucky), Las Vegas, Pittsburg, Chicago, and Cleveland. In 1614 he tempted the Master Brewer in Einbeck, Elias Pichler, to move to Munich in return for a very good salary. Required fields are marked *. Wherever you want to visit us, our overview shows all worldwide franchisees and own establishments where Hofbräu beer is on tap – and naturally at the Hofbräuhaus … The fabric of the historic cross vault on the ground floor of the Hofbräuhaus was partially saved from the Second World War. They are only given to people with a reservation, because you have a minimum consumption of 2 beer and 1 chicken per person when making a reservation. Prices are a little high but you don't … Mike, The Hofbrauhaus never disappoints, and yes, the NASA astronaut was a highlight. There are even records of visits by Mozart and the future Empress Elisabeth of Austria who was popularly known as Sisi. Really enjoyed this post Corinne because even though I’d been there, there’s a lot I’ve learned about its history and traditions from reading your article. Before moving to Bavaria, I thought lederhosen and dirndl were only for tourists or restaurant workers, but I was wrong. The lively goings on at the tavern attracted many famous visitors to it, including Lenin. The commercially-minded Duke Maximilian therefore decided to simply buy-in the necessary expertise to make beer of this quality. In München steht ein Hofbräuhaus: Eins, zwei, g’suffa! In 1610 this beer was exclusively reserved for members of and officials at the Ducal Court. It is not easy to convert this sum into modern currency but it must be equivalent to millions of euros: For comparison, in 1882 it cost a half a Mark to buy 10 eggs. Alcoholic beverages are currently only to be served with food purchases. People did not just meet at the Hofbräuhaus for the sake of the drinks. In the 16th Century Bavaria was not yet a beer drinking nation. This large, loud, and bustling beer hall is open every day of the year and it is almost always packed. He was an archive of information all on his own. Buy now vouchers for your next visit in Munich.

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